The 35 years experiences in different business areas like product, system, solution and also general contractor is the basic factor for the success .


Start as a BA in a Siemens-Organisation I know  the process of order handling. Follow as an application engineer for LV and later for PLC and drives, detail knowledge in this basic areas of automation.

Long and detail experiences as sales for EU, SI and OEM in different branches.


Leader of the first training center for PLC in a sales region in Germany.


Set up a promoter concept for PLC and Drives as a new idea, more than 20 years ago.


More than 22 years experiences in leadership, guiding a sales team and form new sales forces, several years number one in market share and profit for PLC and solution business as the responsible manager in a region.


For 4 years implement  and devolopement sales-offices  in 10 provinces in China.


Implement the first Promoter team for Automation, Drive and LV in China.

Design the first draft version of "Branch" organization in China.

Development of sales systematic from basic to a winnig  system in China.

Built up a customer "TOP club" with high ranking manager in China.


Vice president Business Development for FLENDER AG.





Develop people and guide them in different sections. 


Focus on Customer 


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